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Improve Your Health in Ten Seconds

When was the last time you gave or received a ten second hug?  I don’t mean the quick squeeze and the pat on the back.  A real, deep hug.  We hug our children close to our bodies when they are … Continue reading

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Tiffany, Stephanie & Stacey Reviews My Baby Compass

I was pretty excited to receive a My Baby Compass Kit for review. It was extremely intriguing and I really wanted to know more about it! I have three kids that span out in age from one to seven so … Continue reading


Some Things to Keep In Mind About Your Preschooler

Make sure your child has quality time for his own creative play. Over-scheduling of outside activities doesn’t provide an opportunity for your child to organize his own playtime with friends and family. Use the time driving in the car to … Continue reading

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What It Takes to Communicate

The act of giving and receiving communication isn’t simple. Many different but related processes are happening in your child’s brain and body when he communicates. First of all, a child must be physically able to communicate. This means that her … Continue reading

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Creative Play and Social Interaction

Parents walk a fine line when it comes to their child’s play and social interaction. They want their child to learn how to handle life and all of its challenges, but they also want to protect their child and prevent … Continue reading

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Your Child Needs Quality Time

Quality time is more than simply taking care of your child’s physical needs; it is time spent playing and interacting with him in ways that help him develop.  Children imitate their parents, caregivers, siblings and media moguls. They most … Continue reading

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Where Do I Order My Baby Compass? OR ISBN: 978-0-9844085-2-8 0-9844085-2-5 MBC Publishing 2266 Shagbark Lane Matthews, NC 28105 Printed in the United States of America

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About Mothers/Fathers/Caregivers and Your Child

 You are your child’s first and best teacher. Your child’s communication skills will develop according to how you interact with and stimulate her.  Have fun, make faces and use simple humor to increase your child’s social interaction and … Continue reading

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What Some Professionals Think About the My Baby Compass Series

Kathryn Thorson Gruhn’s My Baby Compass series brings to life the importance of parental involvement in a child’s development. With so many children being stimulated and motivated by today’s technological world the checklist and guide lines of the My Baby … Continue reading

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An Overview of the My Baby Compass Program,

The Components of the My Baby Compass Program include Checklists identify milestones, which are skills, behaviors and physical developments that commonly occur in certain age ranges. The milestones are linked with symbols for these areas:  Speech/Language  Hearing  … Continue reading

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