What is the My Baby Compass Series

If you care about what your children learn, they will care.
The community provides learning opportunities and support,
but ultimately, what you put into the process will determine
your child’s success. I have written the My Baby Compass
series to inform parents and caregivers how children learn
and develop. Knowing if a child is on target for his developmental
milestones will give a person peace of mind. Education
continues through out our lifetime. It is never too late to
develop a passion for learning something new. Our brains
produce neurons well into our 80’s as long as the information
creates a challenging experience.
The world is rapidly changing. Our children need to be
creative, exquisite problem solvers and strong communicators.
We have created an environment of high technology,
which has increased the availability of information. However,
we need to continue to unplug and enjoy nature and social
interaction face-to-face. Happiness is dependent on personal
contact and helping others. Our children will need skills that
can’t be replaced by technology, competitive low-paid laborers
and automation. This will require children to have a higher
level of thinking, reasoning and artistic entrepreneurship.
We are stewards of this planet and we are responsible for
our children’s future. They are dependent on the choices we
make. The character of a nation is determined by how well
its children and elderly are treated and respected.
I hope this program is helpful to you. I wish I had had it
when my girls were young. At least I will have the My Baby
Compass series for my grandchildren. Remember, children
have many teachers and friends but the most important resource
is you. Education takes place in the home.

Child Development

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