Your Child Needs Quality Time

Quality time is more than simply taking care of your
child’s physical needs; it is time spent playing and interacting
with him in ways that help him develop.
 Children imitate their parents, caregivers, siblings and
media moguls. They most want to be like you. If you
scream, they will scream. If you tune out, they will tune
out. If you take an interest in learning, they will also
take an interest in learning.
 It’s delightful to talk and listen to your child throughout
the day. It is so easy to be distracted by our electronic
world, but the first years of your child’s life will determine
his future success. The amount of words that a
child hears is directly related to how well he can read
and write when he goes to school.
 Encouragement and praise is also a predictor of how
well your child will perform in school. Research has
shown that a child’s IQ (intelligent quotient) can be increased
if he lives with caregivers who talk and read
with him, hug him and give him individual attention.
 Be sure to spend time telling family stories, listening
and asking questions, teaching nursery rhymes, singing
songs and reading to your child. Take him to the library,
the park and other interesting places. Play and
laugh together, and most of all, show you care with
hugs and attention.
 Take care of your needs so you are able to give quality
time to your child. Be resourceful, and find people in
your community that can share the responsibility of
childcare so that you can have some time to yourself.
This may mean asking family members, neighbors,
quality child care workers, church members, social organizations
and other moms and dads for help. Meeting
other moms and dads can give you an opportunity to
ask questions, exchange child care and have a support
system in place. The Internet is a great source of information
about social gatherings and outside resources.
 A child needs the ability to concentrate, delay gratification
and work within the defined social framework of
our society. You provide these opportunities.
Each child is unique, and your child will progress in his
own way. We can observe certain skills and abilities a child
has, but we can’t measure everything that is happening in a
child’s brain. That means there’s always more going on with
your child than meets the eye.

Child Development

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