Some Things to Keep In Mind About Your Preschooler

  • Make sure your child has quality time for his own creative play. Over-scheduling of outside activities doesn’t provide an opportunity for your child to organize his own playtime with friends and family.
  • Use the time driving in the car to ask questions, tell family stories, talk about the places your child knows, people he sees, games he likes to play, songs he likes to sing and ideas that interest him.
  • Give your child an opportunity to play with other children in a noncompetitive setting to facilitate good social skills. Make sure he understands the rules of give and take, manners, sharing and social and physical boundaries. If he is shy or withdrawn, let him watch and/or develop a friendship with one child from a group. Choose a playmate that is confident and caring.
  • Then reintroduce him to the same play group with the friend that he has made. Children at this age need playmates.
  • Research has concluded that a child’s emotional intelligence is very important. All the brain power in the world won’t guarantee success if a child lacks the emotional skills and maturation to put it to use.
Child Development

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