About Mothers/Fathers/Caregivers and Your Child

 You are your child’s first and best teacher. Your
child’s communication skills will develop according
to how you interact with and stimulate her.
 Have fun, make faces and use simple humor to increase
your child’s social interaction and to decrease
stress in her learning environment.
 The quality of the time that you spend with your
child will set the tone for her social and emotional
interactions and intellectual growth, as well as her
overall happiness.
 Patience is essential as you encourage your preschooler
to think, speak, move and thrive. Each
child is unique and makes progress at her own rate
and in her own way.
 You can’t force communication or social interaction,
but you can facilitate it. Your child will lead you as
you pay attention to what she’s interested in and
how she plays.

Child Development

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