What Some Professionals Think About the My Baby Compass Series

Kathryn Thorson Gruhn’s My Baby Compass series brings to life the
importance of parental involvement in a child’s development. With
so many children being stimulated and motivated by today’s technological
world the checklist and guide lines of the My Baby Compass
series allows parents to easily stay abreast of their child’s
progress. It comes back to the old saying “You get out what you
put in.” This is never more true than with children. These books are
a step by step guide for parents to make strong additions towards
the education of their children. A child strong in language skills will
always be heard.
— Deirdre J. Roza, Daybreak Learning LLC.

Kathryn Thorson Gruhn’s My Baby Compass is a well-referenced,
well-rounded, accessible, and readable book from which any parent
or educator of children in this age bracket can learn a great deal. I
was especially appreciative of the segments dealing with communication
issues. True fluency (and later, eloquence) in speech and
writing in the latter stages of child development depend so heavily
upon the pre-rhetorical development of children ages 4 – 7, a fact
this author understands well. Ms. Gruhn’s empathic, disciplined
approach to communication-related issues is a particular pleasure
to read (Chapter Six’s Music and Rhymes for Fun and Learning
would seem worthy of the book’s purchase alone!).
— Dr. Susan Whalen, Author and Administrator

This little manual is the new classic for teachers and parents to
know, without a doubt, what they can do with their children to ensure
that listening, thinking, speaking and reading skills develop
right on time and in the right order! The clear format and direct
language take the guess work out of identifying developmental
milestones and then lists playful activities that will appeal to both
children and adults. Kathy’s book is a treasure trove of first-class
resources that anyone can access in an instant. I can’t wait to
share this classic with colleagues, parents, and family!
— Pat Bodenstab, First Grade Teacher

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